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You are formally invited to discover a new world of possibilities. There are plenty of things to do and you shouldn't be left out. This is the moment where excuses do no longer work. You have more energy and more chances than you suspect - you just have to feel them! Thinking that you can't do things is exactly what holds you back. Don't think like that! Discard those ideas immediately! We are here to help you break all your barriers and find out that, indeed, you have always been able to do so much more than you suspected. Get started now!

Change your view, change your life!

The number one negative thought of which you msut get rid of right now is " I can't". Of course you can! Age is a matter of attitude, and if some people say you can not do something, you should not believe it until you put yourself on the test. We are sure that you have dreams, desires and wishes. There are things that you want to accomplish in life. We all want to accomplish things ! And even if you have had a great and successful life, there is no reason to think it's over! If your heart is still beating, if you can open your eyes every morning, life still goes on! Then live it!

Equity release is your one-way ticket to an amazing life!

Say goodbye forever to " I can't afford it"! We know that money is often a limitation for may people. We need to pay for a lot of things that we want to do. Sometimes we resign some wishes because we do not have enough to afford them. Well, if that is your case, those days can be left in the past! We invite you to discover the world of home financing. Release equity from your house! You don't have to give it away, you don't have to leave it. You will just receive money. As simple as that.

Go get what you want with your new expanded budget! Do things! Go places! Make your family and friends happy! Share quality time with your loved ones! All with the magic of equity release!

We will be your guidance!

The pool of home financing is full of sharks. You will need to have a good, strong bridge to get to the other side safely. And you do! The Equity & Housing Concurrent Income is a team of passionate professionals with great expertise in their field and the widest combined experience in the market. We are at your service and we love being so! Contact us right now to request an interview, or call us to receive more information about our services. You will not be disappointed! Our advisors will guide you throughout the process of choosing a financing plan and putting it to action. Get a first interview with no obligation! Take this chance to change your life once and for all. You deserve it. Go for it. 

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Equity release is the solution!

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TestimonialsJohanna Taylor

"I have been in financial trouble for quite a long time and I had already resigned myself to fight every day to pay the bills. I knew nothing about equity release until EHCCI came across my way. I am so relieved now."

TestimonialsAlfred Johnson

"I am not the wisest fellow when it comes to money, I know. I wish I realized it when I was younger. I managed to get by, but I would be living in a much worse situation now were it not I have found EHCCI."

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